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How To Shop for a Mortgage

Posted by Amy Swinger on May 23, 2018 in No Category
As a real estate agent, you know how important it can be to shop for a mortgage. But the fact is most home buyers aren’t doing it. According to a survey of more than a thousand Americans, only a third said they always shop for the best loan rates, and 18 percent reported that they never shop around for loans. That’s according to, “Study: Most Buyers Fail to Shop for a Mortgage,” on www.realtormag.realtor.org. Experts say even a small interest rate difference of one percent can amount to thou... read more
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Ethics form the cornerstone of any business that depends on consumer trust. They provide behavioral standards and guidelines that guide the decision-making process on a daily basis. And just as importantly, clients know when you adhere to a code of ethics, they can trust that you will be conducting business in a manner that is fair and honorable. In short, they know they can depend on you.  That said, we live in a world with vast gray areas, even in the realm of real estate. That’s why the National As... read more
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Debunking Myths About Real Estate Agents

Posted by Amy Swinger on April 17, 2018 in No Category
Whether reality television is to blame, or social media, or other sources of information, misinformation about real estate agents is abundant out there. And whether you’re thinking about becoming a Realtor or you’ve been a hard-working real estate agent for years, chances are you want the truth out there for all to see. Are all Realtors living a life of luxury? Are they all about the almighty dollar? And what are the lingering myths about real estate agents, especially when compared with the facts? ... read more
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11 Ways to Make it as a Successful Realtor

Posted by Amy Swinger on March 13, 2018 in No Category
Whether you are just taking the leap toward becoming a Realtor, or you want to up your game, there are several proven strategies for realizing success in real estate. And because the playing field is always changing, new tactics are always emerging.  Here’s a look at 11 ways to make it as a successful Realtor. 1. Seek knowledge Whether you seek out a mentor, connect with a broker with excellent training or seek out a real estate coach, you can gain industry insights and inspiration by increasi... read more
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12 Weeks to Real Estate Success

Posted by Amy Swinger on March 13, 2018 in No Category
When you’re ready to start your career in real estate, you want that career to take off fast. Although experts caution that new Realtors should expect business to build slowly, and that they should have enough in savings to cover several months’ worth of living expenses, there are some proven strategies that can help get you get on the fast track to success.  Realtor magazine, “90 Days to Real Estate Success: A Week-by-Week Guide,” suggests a flexible approach to a suggested 12-week pl... read more
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