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Three Top Tips For Working Email Leads

Posted: May 12, 2016 by Ryan Olson

When it comes to real estate marketing tools, time and again, email rises to the top. Why? Research shows most clients prefer to be reached by email, and companies that practice email marketing generate 50 percent more sales-ready leads for two-thirds the cost. Not to mention, these days consumers can access and respond to email from their smart phones, and they expect you to be similarly responsive. So, it’s essential that today’s real estate agents embrace the potential of email and leverage it to their advantage with proven techniques.

Here are three top tips for working your email leads.

#1 Respond and engage.

Experts say as many as 90 percent of buyers start their home search on the web, and most buyers work with the first agent who connects with them. To capture those home buyers who are just beginning the process, your best bet is to respond immediately.

To be fair, everyone has had an inquiry come in when they can’t break away to respond; it’s bound to happen when you’re a successful agent. But when you aim to be the first agent who gets back to clients and works hard to make a positive first impression, you are setting yourself up for success. When an email lead comes your way, be sure to take the conversation to the next level by setting up a free consultation.


#2 Customize.

When you send auto-generated email messages without even a hint of personalization, what message are you really sending? No client wants to feel like they’re just like everyone else. Though it takes a bit more effort, your time spent on personalizing the customer experience will pay dividends. A client who is contacted the way they want to be contacted (you’re capturing this information, right?) and addressed by name, will feel more valued and heard. Can you access their social media profiles to learn a little more about them? If so, you can further customize your messaging.

When you’re ready to reach out by email, use your subject line to feature information that’s relevant to what they’re seeking; studies show that 35 percent of email recipients open email based on the subject line content alone. Include acknowledgement of what they’re looking for with a few specifics in the body copy (for example, leverage data from their recent searches such as price range, bedrooms needed, etc.) and you’ve differentiated yourself from the deep pool of real estate agents. Do your best to tailor your customer experience from minute one, and then build upon the relationship you’ve begun to cultivate.


#3 Provide value.

Buying and selling homes is an everyday occurrence for you, but to your customers it can be an intense, life-altering experience, and they’re bound to have a number of questions. Show you understand by providing news and information they value, in addition to the services you offer.

Many industry experts suggest sending regular emails and/or newsletters with relevant information in them, such as new listings that fit the customer’s preference, open house schedules, neighborhood reviews and more. And if you opt to use auto-responder functions, Easy Agent Pro recommends a formula of four emails during which you paraphrase their challenge, highlight the problem, solve part of it and then provide a solution by explaining how your services can bring the problem to an end. (A good broker will have email drip campaign systems readily available for your use.) Remember to provide value because you want to help your customers, and use a light touch when promoting yourself, or you run the risk of turning buyers off with a hard sell.

The bottom line is you want to create and share information that your email leads want to read in order to build a relationship that is based on their trust in your expertise. So be responsive and be relevant, and you’ll be a real estate agent your clients are sure to remember.

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