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Tips for Generating Leads From Your Facebook Page

Posted: October 09, 2018 by Amy Swinger

For Realtors, generating leads these days is as much about your expertise in the field as it is your expertise behind a laptop. You might know your social media presence can help generate leads, but it’s not as simple as collecting “likes.” Take, for instance, Facebook: everyone seems to be on it, and everyone is sharing snapshots into their lives, especially the big stuff like buying or selling a home. That’s where you come in with a big thumbs up. 

Getting leads via Facebook for real estate buyers—here’s how

Getting leads through Facebook may seem tough. After all, everyone is sharing everything so you feel lost in the mix, not to mention your ad budget is limited. Well that’s where some of your strategy comes in. Let’s take a closer look at steps you can take to generate leads through your Facebook presence.

Create a killer Realtor page

Creating a great page seems deceptively simple. But there are a few tricks to doing it well. Keep in mind you’ll want: 
  • A great, professional headshot (skip the selfies, please!)
  • Your brand, including your logo, tagline and copy and art that follows your brand standards
  • A summary of your expertise and the benefits of working with you, as a Realtor
  • A call to action, such as “contact us” 
Be sure to position yourself as an expert, and keep it all professional but personable, from your introductory paragraph to regular posts. And when you post to other pages, remember you always, always represent your brand. So whether you’re commenting on politics or other hot button issues, it can have an impact on how your business is perceived, so engage with care.

Search for keywords in Facebook posts

Did you know you can search for keywords in Facebook posts via the search bar? Simply type in your area, city or region; the plus sign, and a word or phrase that signifies someone is likely to move, for example: house hunting. The results will show posts from people in your area who are posting to Facebook about an upcoming move or house hunting. Instead of making a hard sell, position yourself as helpful as they’re in the midst of a challenging process. How do you do that? Read on! 

Supply relevant users with helpful information

Chances are through your search efforts you’ve found several people in your city or region who are looking for a home to buy or looking to sell. Maybe they’re also looking for help. If you’re leveraging all you can online by developing valuable content for your potential clients, it’s time to give that content legs. 
Wait…back up a minute. (Insert record player screech.) 
You are posting valuable content on your page at least once a week, right? And you (or your broker) are generating your own content, right? If not, it’s time to get started. 
Once you have the content, you have the power to forge a meaningful connection. For example, once you’ve found people who are embarking on a trip through the real estate jungle, you’ll notice they may be crowdsourcing answers to questions they have. Are they wondering about good neighborhoods? Are they looking for tips for staging a home? If they’re asking a question you’ve already tackled on your blog or in other resources you’ve posts, you can refer them with a helpful link. Position yourself as a helpful expert, and the leads are sure to follow.

Collect leads, not likes

So many people focus on getting as many likes as possible or generating as much conversation and engagement as possible. Consider shifting your priorities. Your goal should be to build your email database. So when you post, keep this goal in mind: everything should be geared toward getting possible leads in your database. To do that you have to provide valuable content, and give the best quality stuff to those who are willing to sign up with their email information. 

Promote your posts, and consider paid ads with strategy to back it up

When you have great content to share, don’t forget to leverage your budget. Promoting posts that add value for potential leads will bring the right people to your page and increase your reach. More, Facebook allows you to target your posts according to demographics, income and other qualities of the audiences you want to connect with.

Facebook: social media to build your real estate business

Using Facebook to build your business as a Realtor may not be as simple as gathering likes or getting people talking, but it’s worthwhile to put some strategic thought into why you’re there, and what you hope to accomplish. In the end, your number one goal is to generate leads, and that means—simply put—everything you do on Facebook should get you closer to achieving that goal.

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