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Real Estate Closing Gifts With Staying Power

Posted: November 06, 2018 by Amy Swinger

Reaching the end of a home buying or selling journey with a client is cause for celebration—and a great time to set yourself up for future referrals with a memorable closing gift to mark the occasion. The key word there is memorable. 

Think beyond obvious and easy when choosing real estate client closing gifts

While house plants, gift baskets and alcohol are almost always well received (and easy to arrange), a little more creativity could lead you to a gift with staying power, a gift that will always remind them of the go-the-extra-mile real estate agent they have on their side. Think along the lines of what you might get a good friend or family member for their birthday: something personal, unique and (oh how we hate to say it) sans your company brand. 

Creative real estate closing gift ideas

Our favorite real estate client closing gift ideas are those that are unique to the client’s new home, unique to the client’s move or unique to the client. Here are some of our favorite examples to get you started.

Closing gifts unique to the home

  • Pay and send a locksmith to re-key all the doors on closing day.
  • Yard a little barren? Purchase them a new tree; better yet, give them a gift certificate to a local nursery so they can choose their own.
  • House with a pool? Gift chlorine stabilizer and water-testing kits or monogrammed beach towels.

Closing gifts unique to the client’s move

  • Client moving to accommodate a growing family? Give them baby gear.
  • Moving to the Midwest from the Southwest? If it’s a big home purchase, get them a snow blower. Otherwise, equip them with a snow shovel, ice melt, car window scrapers, warm gloves.
  • Client new to the community? Give gift cards to favorite coffee shops, restaurants or to activities and experiences you know they’ll enjoy—not because you think they’ll enjoy them but because they indicated they would in prior conversations.  

Closing gifts unique to the client

  • Techie client? Give them their first piece of smart home technology such as a Nest Thermostat.
  • Super social clients? Throw them a housewarming party.
  • Expecting a small village on move-in day? Personally deliver pizza to feed the crowd.
  • Dog lover? How about a GPS tracker, pet bed or monthly goodies from Barkbox?

Plan closing gifts in advance

Don’t wait until the last minute or the day of closing to select and purchase the closing gift. Chances are you’ve worked weeks with these clients and have had plenty of time to consider what would be meaningful to them. Don’t make it an afterthought.
Finally, remember that a closing shouldn’t mark the end of your time with a client; it (along with the job well done) should signal the beginning of a long-term relationship. Giving a memorable, thoughtful closing gift sets you up for that next stage.

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