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Tips to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent

Posted: January 08, 2019 by Amy Swinger

Whether you’re considering a career as a real estate agent, you’re just embarking on your first showing or you’re wondering how to kick your career into high gear, there are several tricks and tips that can help you be successful. Learning and putting these tips to use can mean the difference between a lackluster year and a dwindling bank account or one where you surpass every goal you’ve set for yourself financially and professionally.
So what does it take to make your way in the challenging, fast-changing world of real estate? Let’s take a closer look at what successful agents do to ensure their success. 

Here are some tips to help you become a successful real estate agent

Get the right people on your side

Choosing a brokerage that provides great training for its agents can give you the tools you need to really up your game. Or you could find someone to mentor you, or perhaps partner with someone in exchange for helping them with their real estate deals. Either way, you’ll learn about the entire process of what it means to work as a Realtor, from marketing to relationship-building to the often-complex terminology and paperwork.

Get up to speed on real estate tech and online capabilities

The tech-averse may not be too keen on this, but the truth is technology in real estate is essential these days. Even if you’re of the school of thought that it’s not necessary, it’s important to know that the internet drives much of what happens in today’s world of real estate. From social networks to your website to online advertising, the internet provides tons of opportunity for those interested in targeted marketing, trust-building and earned media coverage. To do it effectively, you’ll want to consider having a budget specifically for your internet-based marketing strategy, including keeping your website updated, promoted posts, ads and content marketing.

Develop your contact list

Before relationship-building really gets going in connection with your career, you’ll want to have a database of your contacts. Find the technology that works best for you for managing your relationships with customers, prospects and connections in one place. You’ll populate the platform with the names and contact info for all of those who you will or may work with, including brokers, investors, buyers and sellers, title insurance companies and much more.

Put together a business plan and launch it

Having a solid business plan is essential to having success as a Realtor. You need to know what your strategies and tactics are before you can execute on them. Get it down on paper, and if necessary, study up on how to put together an effective business plan, or have your broker or a trusted colleague mentor you through the process. 

Be realistic while building your business

Building a successful career in real estate takes time. Sure, there are success stories of Realtors who immediately make a huge commission, but the truth is it can take months for a new Realtor to earn a living. Ideally, you can set yourself up for a smoother start if you have two years’ worth of living expenses, in addition to business expenses, in the bank so you can work without an income until the deals start rolling in. 

Success as a real estate agent is within reach

No matter where you’re starting from, success as a real estate agent is within reach, if you are willing to work hard, put the necessary planning into place and execute on your strategies. More, by surrounding yourself with mentors and teaming up with a solid broker, you’ll gain insider information that can accelerate your journey toward your goals.
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