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How to Increase Leads and Close Sales as a Newbie

Posted: February 12, 2019 by Mikayla Zimmerman

Here’s how to get “beginner’s luck” as a Realtor

Being a new real estate agent can be all at once exciting and overwhelming. Chances are you have questions about the whole process from start to finish. You may wonder how you’ll start generating the leads you need to build your business. You probably also have an interest in learning what you can do to close sales. Real estate is a complex industry, and being a Realtor requires skills that are unique—which is to say, while beginner’s luck may exist in card games, in real estate you need to bring the skills to pay the bills.
Here are our top tips for increasing leads and closing sales as a new Realtor.

Know that the best leads come from your inner circle. 

You think paid advertising is the number one way to generate leads? Think again! While paid advertising can be an effective tool in generating leads, the number one way to get great leads is via those you know best. So reach out to your friends and family, your former coworkers and others you’ve gotten to know well over the years. Keep those relationships strong, and let those people know that you are capable and open for business. 

Widening that circle of friends is important too, so start networking.

If you’re new to networking it can be a challenge, but it can also be fun. There are so many ways to meet new people and get to know them in person. Consider volunteer opportunities, joining committees and groups, taking classes, joining a gym or other fitness activity, or just talk with the people in your neighborhood. Of course you’ll want to mention that you’re a Realtor, but avoid the temptation to push. It’s all about cultivating a relationship and building trust. 
In addition, consider partnering with a mortgage lender. When you have those connections, you can help clients navigate pre-qualification. In the end, you’ll know your client is prequalified and realistic about what they can afford, saving you time and expediting the process.

Get a customer relationship management system (CRM) and use it. 

You need the right tools to do your job effectively, and that includes having a customer relationship management system—a tool often provided by a solid broker. A CRM will help you keep tabs on your contacts, how you’ve stayed in contact with them, whether and when they’ve given you referrals and much more. 

Delve into content marketing. 

Your expertise is exactly what your clients and prospects need—and by putting yourself out there, you’ll establish yourself as a trusted resource in the industry. That means down the line your connections will think of you. What’s content marketing? It’s providing a steady stream of helpful information to your clients that’s within your area of expertise, and an ideal way to do that is by blogging. Blog regularly on a variety of topics related to what home sellers and home buyers want to know, and you’ll drive traffic to your website as well. You may even want to seek opportunities to guest blog on other sites to build your reputation.

Closing sales and increasing leads: it’s all within your reach

Being a newbie in the world of real estate may feel like a challenge, but with these tips and tricks you can put in place the right strategies for closing sales and increasing leads. True, there may be no such thing as beginner’s luck in real estate, but now that you have beginner’s wisdom, your odds are much improved as you bet on your new career. 

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