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How To Get Sellers Off The Fence

Posted: February 26, 2019 by Amy Swinger

As a trusted expert, you can provide the info they need to jump

As Realtors, we’ve all been there: you know homeowners who are considering selling their property, but for one reason or another they can’t take that first step. What’s holding them back could be any of a number of issues, from worries about whether they have much equity, or worse yet, negative equity, to concerns about their next steps. As a real estate agent, it’s important to remember that you are a trusted authority on the housing market and the aspects of the current market environment that might make it a good time to sell—and homeowners who are on the fence want to hear your expertise. So if they’re on the fence, maybe it’s time to help them see the ways in which the grass is greener, if only they’ll jump to the other side. 
Here are some effective ways to help get home sellers off the fence. 

Get to know your sellers and their goals.

Knowing your clients is essential. Where do they want to go next? What are the current market values in their existing neighborhood? What could they sell their home for? By providing this information to them, they will have a clear picture of what is possible. Some Realtors will put together a presentation to show them the realities of the present market. You may even want to encourage them to get loan pre-approval for their next home to give them peace of mind for the road ahead. By taking these steps, you can provide a stress-free pathway toward their goals. 

Talk about their options. 

In a market tight on inventory, homeowners may be concerned about finding a new home after selling their existing property. By discussing options with them in depth, including contingencies that could be included in the negotiations, the flexibility of closing dates and the likelihood of new properties on the market every day, you can ease their fears. Help them monitor what’s new on the market and they’ll gain confidence that the right property will become available when they are looking for it. 

Tell your story on social media. 

Did you just list a house and get inundated with interested buyers? Was there a bidding war? Tell all of social media about it, and be sure to boost the post. (Of course, you’ll want to use photos while being sure to protect any confidential information.) You may have several followers and their friends who are on the fence, unbeknownst to you, and this is sure to grab their attention. 

Communicate with homeowners in hot markets. 

Reach out to your contacts in the hottest areas with an expertly-developed postcard or other marketing collateral and provide them with statistics about how quickly homes are selling in their area. Keep in mind mailboxes have less competition these days—email inboxes have much more competition. Differentiating yourself with an eye-catching mailer could work in your favor. 

Show them why it’s time to sell. 

The market is intensely competitive for buyers. Inventory is low right now, and interest rates are on the rise. The time to take advantage of these converging factors is now. More than that, some sellers may not realize how much equity they have in their homes, or that they could use that equity to get the home of their dreams. 

Getting homeowners off the fence: it’s all about communication.

Add all of these strategies and tactics together and it boils down to one big tip: communicate with your clients and prospects. Armed with the data you have at your disposal, coached through your confidence and educated with your market knowledge, many of them are sure to see the benefit of taking that step toward their next chapter, whether it’s downsizing, moving cross-country or getting the home of their dreams.

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