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6 Ways to get into luxury sales

Realtors can use these tips to transition to the luxury market
Posted: August 20, 2019 by Amy Swinger

Selling luxury real estate properties can be an attractive proposition. So if you’re thinking about transitioning to the luxury sales market, you aren’t alone. But how can you make the move? Check out these top six ways for real estate agents to get into luxury sales. 

1. Spend time where your would-be clients are
The clients who seek out luxury properties have specific tastes in restaurants and social activities. Integrate yourself into those parts of the community, and do some networking. You may want to join the country club, get a membership at a higher end fitness facility or take up golf. Do the things your target market does and you’re sure to forge inroads. 

2. Look the part
To sell luxury properties, you’ll be working with a different demographic than your standard first-time homebuyer. So add some class to your look. Upgrade your wardrobe and take care of your skin, hair and body. Take a note from high-end clients, and incorporate their looks into your wardrobe. 

3. Start acting like a luxury Realtor
Now’s the time to take stock of your own habits, and change the bad ones. Do you use slang a lot? Do you use offensive language? How do you behave at restaurants and other destinations the clients you want frequent? Observe how they behave and speak, and learn new habits that communicate a higher level of professionalism and social status. 

4. Take a cue from luxury agents
Chances are you already know a colleague who is in luxury sales. Learn from them. You may want to ask them to mentor you, or just observe how they carry themselves, how they market their services and how they dress and behave. 

5. Expand your networking efforts
Wealthy families have close connections in finance, the legal field and more. Connect with certified public accountants and attorneys in your region, and offer to provide intel to them for their clients. Those prospects often value information such as market trends, valuations and other data. 

6. Create an extraordinary buying experience
The high-end market is as much about service as it is about selling homes, so you need to step up your game. Craft unique marketing plans for each very special property, and help buyers feel like the home they are considering is something extraordinary, while also being treated like royalty. Simply put: perfect the customer experience. 

Breaking into the luxury home sales market is possible
Expanding your real estate repertoire and growing your expertise into the luxury sales market can be a worthwhile and financially rewarding endeavor. Use these six tips to make the transition, and you’ll increase the possibility of success among your new client base. 

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