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Five marketing trends that are so over

Ditch these tactics for a more effective real estate market strategy
Posted: September 03, 2019 by Amy Swinger

Marketing trends in real estate change almost as quickly as the real estate market itself, and that means Realtors need to adjust their sails to catch the winds of success. So what’s hot and what’s not in the world of real estate marketing? And how can real estate agents capitalize on the latest marketing trends? 

Changing real estate marketing trends in 2019

1. Having a static website.

Even a handful of years ago, it was possible to market your business via a static website. Maybe you launched your site and didn’t change a thing on it for a year or two. But these days, that sort of tactic will tank your site. 
Search engines prioritize sites that are constantly pushing out relevant, authoritative content that drives visitors to your site and keeps them there. Bottom line: content marketing these days is a must if you want to show up in organic search results. Strive to create content that speaks to your target audiences about topics that will help them through the process. Tackle topics like financing, neighborhood deep dives, local tips and buying and selling primers. 
Sharing content via a blog or downloadable booklet and on your social channels will give your site the boost it needs to rank.

2. One-sided marketing.

Once upon a time, Realtors could target their audiences with an ad or a sign and wait for them to come knocking. Those days are long gone. These days, marketing is most effective when it’s a conversation, and your online presence and availability has a lot to do with that. 
Building a community, engaging with your followers and responding to their comments and inquiries is now an essential part of building a client base. More, you’ll want to take care to manage your online presence and brand — as it happens.

3. Being a follower.

There have always been Realtors who proudly share their professional portrait in ads and on billboards, but for the most part, Realtors have been working diligently, and relatively quietly, behind the scenes to do the job well. Enter the age of the influencer. Today, it’s no longer sufficient to be a follower, and the most effective marketing move is to strive to be an influencer instead. 
So, step into the spotlight, embrace the power of video, or answer questions from followers as they occur via social channels. Partner with local blogs and news media on topics related to real estate. Put yourself out there and position yourself as the expert and influencer you are. You will build trust with your followers as well as loyalty, when you showcase your authenticity and expertise.

4. Telling, not showing.

Telling is so yesteryear; today’s buyers want to be shown. The written word still has marketing pull, particularly when it comes to content marketing, but video is increasingly the biggest player in the space. Today’s technology is making it easier and easier to show, rather than tell, and your potential clients are eating it up. With video, you can showcase neighborhoods and highlight the lifestyle buyers are looking for, rather than just a property. Video can also be highly shareable and can drive organic traffic to your social channels and your site. And, don’t forget, these days you can go live on social media. There are loads of apps out there that can help you on your way, even if you’re a beginner.  

5. Single-channel marketing.

Gone are the days when you could use a single channel to grab the attention of potential clients. These days, it’s all about multichannel marketing. That means leveraging the best of multiple channels to engage your target markets, including apps, websites, traditional (earned) media, paid media/advertising, direct mail, social media and more. 
Why is this important? Increasingly, our attention is fragmented…and these days, few people use a single channel to make their buying decisions. Expect a savvy public to conduct research on their own about you, the properties available and much more. Yes, the digital space may be their first step, but potential buyers aren’t stopping there. Be sure to make your multichannel marketing accessible to those who are looking for you: print materials should reference your online presence, and everything should create a cohesive brand. 

Embracing the changing trends in real estate marketing
Staying on the cusp of what works from a marketing perspective is an essential part of building your business as a Realtor. Keep these trends in mind to showcase the best of what you bring to the real estate space and you’re sure to create a community that leans on you for your expertise, knowledge, accessibility and professionalism. 

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