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11 Creative Real Estate Property Marketing Strategies

Leverage these tips to capture the attention of homebuyers
Posted: October 22, 2019 by Amy Swinger

Homebuyers today are bombarded with marketing and technological distractions, and as a Realtor, it can seem impossible to capture their attention. Luckily, when it comes to marketing, a dose of creativity goes a long way. So here are some creative strategies and tactics for marketing real estate property, as well as yourself. 

Creative ways to market real estate

1. Start a blog
A blog can not only boost your search engine results, content can be repurposed across all of your marketing platforms. So whether you’re offering helpful advice to homebuyers, featuring case studies or highlighting special properties, it may be worth your while. Can’t write? Read tip #6!

2. Price the property below market value

A great way to generate loads of interest in a property is to price it under market value. Some sellers are ready for the risk, and they often see a bidding war as a result, leading the property to sell for more than market value. 

3. Get into video

What better way to generate interest in a property than high-quality video? Hire a pro if you can — it will make a huge difference in video quality. Use drone footage for added drama and a bird’s eye view of neighborhoods. And remember, you can also use video to market yourself. 

4. Use quality photography

Cutting corners with your photography? High quality photos go a long way toward selling a property; they generate foot traffic. Invest in professional photos and you are likely to see results. 

5. Write to your audience

Think of properties in terms of your target buyer and their wants and needs. Then write your listings as if you are directly targeting them. Of course, take care not to reference protected classes of individuals. Can’t find the right words? Read on... 

6. Hire a professional writer

If you’re hiring professionals to help generate high quality photography and videos, but not thinking about what a wordsmith can do for you, it’s time to rethink. Writers can help make your listings sing, while others fall flat. 

7. Do fun stuff on social media

If you’re always a straight shooter on social media, you may not get the same level of interest as someone who takes chances and has a bit of fun. Don’t be afraid to have a light message or incorporate tasteful humor to generate more engagement and connect with prospects.

8. #UseHashtags

Finding the right hashtags and using them well on social media is key to getting your messages in front of the right people. A number of free tools exist that can help you find the most used hashtags or hashtags in the sweet spot of who you are trying to reach. Again, when doing your hashtag research, be sure to think in terms of your target audience.

9. Think offline, too

While much is focused on online marketing these days, offline marketing can be a differentiator that gets results. Direct mail may be just the thing that captures buyer attention in a largely electronic world. 

10. Stage homes virtually

Give potential buyers a clear vision of what a home can offer by staging a home virtually. Virtual staging software allows you to reap the benefits of home staging, such as higher selling price, without moving an item of furniture. 

11. Explore experiential marketing

Imagine inviting potential buyers for walking tours of the neighborhoods in which you are selling homes or hosting educational sessions about homebuying. Experiential marketing allows you to engage with prospects on a deeper level, while building trust. 
Creative marketing for real estate
There you have it: 11 creative tips that can help you up your marketing strategies for your real estate business and the properties you sell. Put these to work and watch your customer list and sales grow. 

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