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5 Ways Your Broker's Culture Can Affect Your Success

Whether a new or seasoned realtor, your brokerage makes a huge difference.
Posted: February 24, 2021 by Anna Jotham

Whether you're just starting as an agent or looking to make a change as an experienced agent, the brokerage you select can make an enormous difference in your career as a Realtor. It's easy to overlook your brokerage's influence on your success, but just as any company culture has an impact on the growth of their employees, so too, your broker will have an impact on your career.


Your real estate broker can affect your success in these five ways

With that in mind, the work of selecting a broker culture that fits where you want to go with your career rests on your shoulders. So what aspects of a broker's culture can affect your success, and how will this impact your career success? Here are five ways.


1. Brokerage culture can affect your happiness

Like any company culture, a real estate company's culture can significantly affect your happiness. We've all worked in jobs where negativity took hold, where workers dreaded their days and where the mood was generally depressing. It's hard to get things done, but more than that, it's hard to imagine working in that atmosphere for very long. On the flip side, imagine a company culture where colleagues show up in a positive state of mind, where they willingly support one another and there is a sense of togetherness. When you know other agents have your back, and you have theirs, it's easier to say yes to the challenges of the day. And when you know you'll be connecting with good people who greet you with a smile at the office, it's a pleasure coming in to work.


2. Lead generation and your brokerage

Brokerage company culture can also differ depending on the size of the broker. A smaller operation might provide you with more personalized support, personal agility, or a greater sense of freedom but may not generate the same leads as a larger broker behind a well-known name. Well-known brokerages can carry a substantial amount of clout among both buyers and sellers. It's important to consider the benefits you might realize in your career as a result of the size of the broker you join.  


3. Productivity and your real estate broker

Brokers run the gamut in terms of company culture. Some might take a laid-back attitude to productivity, and others may encourage peak performance or even encourage you and your fellow agents to push one another to be the best you can be. Some brokers may encourage agents to work toward a shared goal for the entire enterprise, inspiring motivation and innovation to achieve those benchmarks. These differing approaches are sure to play a role in your productivity as an agent, which will affect your success as a Realtor.


4. Broker culture can disenchant agents or encourage engagement

Every brokerage takes a different approach to how they support their agents. Some invest in your professional growth through continuing education, mentoring or other training. Others provide a generous commission split. And still others will let you be your own agent, operating with ample autonomy. It's essential to know the kind of support you seek to grow in your career and find a brokerage that offers the level of support you want and need to be successful.


5. Communication and your broker

Some brokerages are better at communication than others, including communication between agents and external communication with the community, building a reputation for all team members of the brokerage. Be sure to take into consideration the communication strategy of the broker you are interested in joining. How do they relay information to the team? How often do they meet as a group, and what format do those meetings take? Are there organized social activities where you can bounce ideas off one another or gain insights into others' experiences? And how does the broker share their message in the region? Do they have protocols for communicating with clients? How about social media strategy? All of these can play into how well informed you are and how the brand is perceived in the community, which can play a huge role in your success.


Your broker is essential to your success as an agent

As you can see, the broker you select plays an integral role in your day-to-day happiness and your opportunities for growth and success. Your career as a real estate agent is too important to trust to just any brokerage. Ready to learn more about joining our team and how we can support you as a real estate agent? Contact us to get started and in no time experience the benefits of finding the perfect culture fit for your career in real estate. 

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