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The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act could be good news for real estate professionals when it comes tax time. The section 199A deduction, also known as the pass-through deduction, allows a deduction of up to 20 percent on business-related income for sole proprietors and owners of pass-through businesses. As most Realtors are sole proprietors, this could mean a more favorable tax rate for you. In fact, some analysts are calling the change a big win for Realtors.  Understanding Section 199A of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act ... read more

Five Ways to Strengthen Your Negotiating Skills

Posted by Amy Swinger on March 13, 2019 in  uncategorized
As a real estate agent, the strength of your negotiating skills can mean the difference between a deal falling through (and the resulting fallout) and clients who are delighted and recommend you to others. In fact, having strong negotiating skills is, arguably, essential to your career in real estate.  But negotiating skills don’t come naturally to everyone, and most of us could stand to improve. So here are some tips and tricks you can undertake to hone your negotiating skills, close deals with less fr... read more
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