Coldwell Banker River Valley, REALTORS is a client-centered and agent-driven company. We offer the most comprehensive professional development through training, coaching, support, cutting-edge technology and a globally recognized brand. Between our unmatched marketing resources and top-notch reputation, CBRV has everything you need to be a successful real estate agent.

At CBRV we feel knowlege is power and we will help you attain the professional development needed to become the best that you can be. As your business partner, we have a vested interest in your success.

Amongst the major advantages we offer our REALTORS, is the commitment to providing you access to the latest marketing, technology and tools. Our full-time marketing department will assist in day-to-day marketing efforts and overall personal strategy.

A personalized website, marketing resources and a robust customer relationship management (CRM) system are a must! We employ the best possible technology available to agents today. In addition, our lead capture/rapid response conversion, ongoing IT support, technology specific training, coaching and business development are all designed to facilitate the sale of real estate and the growth of your business.

Each of our offices has a full-time office administrator that handles website data entry & maintenance, helping create that positive and permanent market impression online – allowing you to keep your clients for life!

CBRV has an enterprise listing solution and parnership with ADWERX. Because of our collaboration, all of your listings will receive powerful digital marketing across the web and social channels. 
Social media and content management is a great way to increase social engagement for your business. Our full-time marketing staff is available to help manage your online and social media presence, while you spend your valuable time building your business.
Our support team will help you project your marketing ideas and experiences with both visual and textual content. Complimentary design includes creating visually stunning marketing tools for personal branding, listings, buyers and local economic trends, just to name a few.

Our Customer Relationship Management system makes it easy to associate listings with sellers/buyers, marketing new listings to likely prospects and follow the first contact through to closing. Streamlining your business in one platform is no longer something to wish for - we have it!Your personalized website will win you business. Every CBRV agent receives a customizable website at no cost. Every listing gets its own website as well as customized video that both the agent and the seller can share.CBRV has in-house I.T. support personnel and resources available to manage your technology and system questions. Services include, but are not limited to support for: email & online Office, hosting maintenance, wired & wireless network, maintenance & security, anti-spam and anti-virus software.

At CBRV, we believe that education is the cornerstone of a successful real estate agent’s career. In an ever-evolving industry, being on top of the game means that you have to have the best information, the best tools, and the best resources. However, none of that matters if you don’t have the right guidance and knowledge on how to use them.

Whereas many real estate firms say that they are offering training and mentoring, CBRV actually delivers. We have structured, in-house sales and systems training for all new agents entering the business. We also provide continuous, ongoing training designed to enhance your career. 

We recruit, train, and coach the most professional and knowledgeable sales associates in the business


  • LIVE, In-house Sales Training
  • Initial Productivity Training
  • "Agent Builder" Accountability Workshop
  • Ongoing, Monthly Systems Training
  • WI, MN, IA Forms Training
  • AMP! Virtual Training
  • LAUNCH Virtual or LIVE Training
  • Outlist | Outlast Training
  • Buyer Strategies
  • Business Planning 
  • Smart Home Technology Certification (Exclusive to the CB Brand)
  • MORE...

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